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By ScottH
I was at SFE last night and somebody told me that there were two ground teams that came and dominated the course with no problem. My best run was (still not around the building without help) achieved when I turned all the obstacle avoidance off. Noisy sensors are making the car doge phantoms.

Friday is my all day hack and fix session.

Ugh. Good luck everyone.
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By shimniok
Last few nights were late ones... the nav is working better... I keep writing bugs into my code. Need to stop doing that :) No obstacle avoidance implemented. Just too many issues to wade through.

I did a test run at a nearby parking lot... it wasn't great, but ... gotta run what ya brung, right? So hoping to at least make it around the first corner... anything else is a bonus. Maybe will try a couple tweaks tomorrow. We'll see.

Focused on packing tools etc tonight. No more coding or tinkering. I've pretty much done all I can. Can barely keep my eyes open and I need to be awake for the hour drive up north...

Good luck to everyone, and looking forward to it!
By jessejay356
let me say congrats to everyone that participated! I didn't make it out this year, but I watched the first heat on video so I was there in spirit!. But I will be there next year and hope to give tobor and the other great teams a challenger!
By Greenlight
ScottH wrote:I compiled my video and photos into a quick movie. Check out the mass start, it's pretty cool!
Nice! You got my blue blaze car crash in there too.
We had really bad luck that day.
Run 1 we forgot to turn the power on to a board that runs the gyros so we crashed into the curb.
Run 2 we got tangled up with another car. It bent our steering a bit.
Run 3 we were driving near the curb and the wet leaves balled up under the car and it got stuck.
Free-for-all we crashed into another car as seen in scotts video. but we flipped it back over and it completed the race. I think it was the first to cross the finish line on the free-for-all.