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By ElectronWrangler
Rules ... s_v1.0.pdf

2016-05-08: Fire weapons are allowed with fuel included in robot weight. Section 15.2 applies, with leniency towards fuel that comes out in a flaming liquid state, as these are small robots and we'll have a CO2 extinguisher on hand.
2016-05-10: Flying robots are allowed and count as non-wheeled bots for weight. Keep in mind the arena is about 69x69x39 inches on the inside, with a scoreboard and light on the ceiling.
2016-07-12: (Section 4.2.4) The sentence "Sides of a bot within 1 inch of the floor must be perpendicular" is not a requirement because these are very small bots. Wedges are still disallowed, but by intent of design and not a strict side-height requirement."

Tech Inspections
Safety inspections are conducted in accordance with the SPARC rule set in order for a bot to participate.
Participants must demonstrate:
  1. deactivation of the robot in under 60 seconds
  2. switching off the transmitter (during drive) results in the weapon shutting down (fail-safe)
  3. mechanical weapon interlock is fully visible and effective at preventing weapon operation, such as a pin traveling through the drive elements (for use during test and power-up sequences)
  4. that the robot's power indication light works
The robot must also weigh under its class limit at this time, and may be re-weighed later if substantial changes are made. If a robot's design seems to be intending to break the rules and be unsportsmanlike, it will be addressed.

There will be a a double elimination bracket for each the ant and beetle weight classes.

Each match starts with 3 minutes on the clock. At 1:30 remaining, hazards will activate in the arena. The match is over when one contestant is incapable of moving for 10 seconds, or If a contestant decides they've had enough (taps-out).

In the event that both contestants are still mobile at the end of the 3 minutes, a victor will be chosen by 3 judges.
The contestants will be scored:
  • 0-5 points for: quality of 'good hits and quantity of hits
  • 0-5 points for: durability to damage and defensive maneuvers.
  • 0-5 points for driver skill and spirit
Feel free to ask questions and clarifications in this thread! If you're unsure about something, ask first and avoid complications during weigh-in and tech inspection. Changes and deviations from the rules set will be listed in this top post if they apply to all participants.
By ElectronWrangler
A team asked:

1) I read the rules and from what I understand wedges are not allowed?

The previous battlebot show, ~10 years ago, had a problem with boring low-tech wedges doing very well. It was not a very sportsmanlike battle but more of just pushing around. The intent of rule 4.2.4 is to prevent this and encourage melee.

The "Sides of a bot within 1 inch of the floor must be perpendicular" sentence doesn't make much sense because these bots are so small, so I'll remove it as a hard requirement and post this errata. Many bots will have things protruding here and there that will be under that level so the rule is somewhat ambiguous. If there are wedge elements that helps a weapon like a grabber or drum, it's probably OK as long as it doesn't stick out too far, or isn't a huge part of the bot.

When checking in, I'll ask myself: "Was this bot designed primarily to get under the opponent and bully it?" and if not, I'll admit it.

2) Are small explosive acceptable?

3) and I can use fire? Can I use something like lighter fluid to ignite competitors?

You can use fire but you can't douse an opponent and then ignite them. You have to light the fuel as it leaves your robot. See errata at:

"2016-05-08: Fire weapons are allowed with fuel included in robot weight. Section 15.2 applies, with leniency towards fuel that comes out in a flaming liquid state, as these are small robots and we'll have a CO2 extinguisher on hand."

Thanks for asking!
By jeffg14
Hi, I have a question. Why have you only copied the 30lb sportsman rules instead of the full combat ruleset?

I am confused as to the intent of your no wedges rule. If all ways of getting under your opponent are disallowed, then both robots featured in the intro video would not be allowed to compete as well as literally all of last years antweight class. By saying "no wedges" do you mean that you must have an active weapon, or that you must not have any way of getting under the other robot?

edit to clarify: Do you intend to enforce the 30 pound sportsman rules in the 1 and 3 pound combat classes? this would eliminate spinners, wedges and most designs from last year?
By satacoy
I saw an unofficial response on Facebook last night that wedges will be allowed. They did appear to copy the wrong section.

Again, that's unofficial, but that's my understanding.

Pete - Team Cosmos
By Bob8898
So I read thru the original SPARC rules, but I'm not getting a clear understanding of projectiles.
Would it be allowed to add a projectile launcher of some sort (Like a BB gun possibly) as a weapon?
I'm not sure if this is addressed in the SPARC rules and I'm not seeing it, but some help would be appreciated.
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