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By Sunil
I am trying to use the library and sample code as described in ... okup-guide
but one issue or enhancement that i would request is - either getUnits() or some new function return the 'final' weight added.

To give a short background, the project is to add or remove weight in increments (rather than just weighing it once for a object). And i would like to get the updated weight (not the current intermediate weight increments that i currently get) doing a getUnits() while trying different inputs of 5,10,20. A delay also is not helping.

It is of importance to me to have this working, so needless to say i am ready to arrange compensations.

For example, here is what my Serial output looks like when for each loop() i store the previous amount of weight change to the current one:
Checking at : 5 seconds, previous weight(gms): 0, current weight(gms): 239
Checking at : 8 seconds, previous weight(gms): 239, current weight(gms): 690
Checking at : 10 seconds, previous weight(gms): 690, current weight(gms): 689
Checking at : 13 seconds, previous weight(gms): 690, current weight(gms): 691

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By DanV
I also don't understand.
What are you really asking for?

If you want and average of readings then get this library:

"5.The "get_value" and "get_units" functions can receive an extra parameter "times", and they will return the average of multiple readings instead of a single reading."
By Sunil
I am using the bogde library and the get_units(20) and the output you see is from that code. While the average helps, i want the function to return a value when the weight has stabilized.