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Arduino with Node Mcu

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:02 pm
by aarthi
Actually I get time from NTP server . I had a condition that I have to open the box at certain timings..say 9am, 2,pm and 5p.m . If I didn't open the box , It sends a notification after 30minutes. (I.e 9.31 )

If I open the box It have to be closed with in 5 minutes. If not closed. Then buzzer.

I use Node Mcu and ultrasonic sensor to this project.

I get the current time and the distance value and I use esp notifier app to send notification .
But I struck with the looping function. Anyone please answer me how to solve this project ??

These are the website I used to get this code

Time from NTP server: ... ime-clock/

Ultrasonic sensor using Node Mcu (ESP8266 WiFi module). : ... ia-NodeMCU

Notifn App : ... oneFor-An/