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Could you please help me out how to interface Arduino UNO with Raspberry Pi. I just wanted to drive and control the motors of my robot and I'm looking forward to using PWM pins of the Arduino UNO which is hardware enabled. I am following this Arduino UNO Pinout. I was just wondering how to control motors and sensors separately i.e. motors with the Arduino UNO and sensors with the Raspberry Pi.

I am using BC547 for the switching purpose.

First, figure out how to control motors using the Arduino, and make sure that works properly.

Then, figure out to use sensors with the Raspberry Pi.

Finally, decide how you want the Pi to communicate with the Arduino, and what information is to be passed. You will need a 3.3V to 5V level shifter for the communication.

If you run into problems, describe what you have done and post the details of the problem. We should be able to help.