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I have a tough problem trying to communicate with the RedBoard. The board basically controls a number of Luminate LEDs and I have it executing just fine from terminal programs such as the Serial Monitor, Putty and from what is called Keysight’s Connection Expert.

I am developing code using Keysight VEE which is a graphical based programming development platform. It is normally easy to connect to serial devices using this platform, but in my case I can’t for the life of me, get it to send data. I also cannot seem to make work from command prompt.

program is very simple just gets a string and then converts to a integer and then uses that a time to flask the Laminate diodes.

My questions is when it fails, I see the blue LED tied to pin 13 on the board flash, then I see activity in the Tx diode. When it works (i.e. receives data) I see only the Rx diode flash (as I am sending data) and then the Tx flash a few times (as I and sending back a few strings).

Can you tell me what the Blue LED is used for? Does it indicate a failure and if so what is that failure mode?

Also, I have read that this may be flashing because I might be addressing the boot-loader COM port.

Thanks you and I hope this is the place to try to find this information.

Best Regards,