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By Anxvf1s
Can some one please Help with addressable LED sketch I need?
I have tried your sketch and only the first 9 out of 16 led's light up.
I would like to make the led's start at 0 and go to 16 and start over again in the color white, I know it is probably no big deal for some one that knows how to do this but its my first time using addressable LED's and making sketch's.

The data pin I'am using is #3 and my board is Mini Nano V3.0 ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board Module Arduino.
By theropod
If I understand you correctly a pair of CD4017 decade counters would do this from a stream of pulses generated by an Arduino very similar to driving a bipolar stepper motor via an Easy Driver. This could also be done with a pair of LM3914 bar/dot drivers and a PWM ramp up of voltage in perhaps a capacitor/resistor array.