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By Rob Smith
Hello all,
I am new to Arduino but have a bit of an understanding about programming and have made up quite a few simple electronics circuits using 555 timers, comparators etc.

We are setting up a smallholding and have many fruit bushes. The birds like to eat our fruit so I want to make a bird scarer.

The plan is to have various sounds as, possibly, wav files saved onto an sd card.
These will be things like....
Dog bark.
A hissing noise.
Blackbird alarm call.
Me calling " Gerroff my bushes"

The arduino would be set to randomly play one if these every ten minutes or so to one of maybe four speakers placed around the fruit bushes.
An amplifier circuit/s would bring the small signal upto speaker driving magnitude.

Is this possible? And has someone done a similar project before to use as a start point?

By Rob Smith
Hi lyndon.
We have about an acre of blueberries which would cost us a small fortune to net over.
We have hedges full of blackberries ripening at the same time as the blueberries so want to try and persuade the birds to eat those not the blueberries.
By lyndon
Actually that sounds like a lot more fun to me...

Guessing from your use of the term "smallholding" you're in the UK? Can you purchase firecrackers or other small incendiaries? I can see setting up an Arduino to fire one off every 10 minutes or so. Or find a truck airhorn on eBay and have a compressor/tank to set it off periodically.

I mean, you *could* play recordings of a cannon, but where's the fun in that?
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