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By sflaggbme
I have project in which I’m trying to collect data from more than two accelerometers.

I have 10 MPU 6050 chips I’d love to use, but only seem to be able to set the LSB either high or low, ie allowing me to address only two.

I added a pair of MMA8452 chips in the same manner, but that only gives me 4 sensors.

I thought I had a way around it and ordered 2 MPU-9255 and 2 MPU-9250 chips, only to discover they are the same chips and use the same address as the MPU6050 chips.

So again, I’m stuck at 4 sensors. I’m using I2C, but I saw something about an SPI 4 wire interface, which maybe? can get me a manner to address a few more?

My problem is I just need to collect a few additional points in some manner, any suggestions as to how?

Thank you for any insight here.
By jremington
only seem to be able to set the LSB either high or low
That is all you need. Address all the sensors with the same address, but connect different port pins to each sensor's AD0 line to control high/low.

Make sure that only one of the sensors has the proper address at any one time, and only that one will be addressed. You will have to keep track of which sensor is being addressed, of course.
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