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By MRbling

Say I have a String with data separatet by "," NumX = 00123,456,789,1011,1213,,14,15,1617.

How would I be able to isolate "1011" from this string into an int variable?

I'm not quite able to figure it out from other forums and it just don't feels like it should be that difficult!
By jremington
It is best to avoid Strings on Arduino, because they cause memory problems and eventual program crashes.

Instead, use character arrays (C-strings) and the reliable functions that go with them. For example:
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  char NumX[] = "00123,456,789,1011,1213,,14,15,1617";
The function strtok() can be used to search NumX for commas and isolate the individual C-strings containing the ASCII numbers.

The function atoi() will convert those into int variables. ... -examples/
By lyndon
This will return an array of substrings using the delimiters " ,/"
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// Separate string into tokens
inline void split(char* inVal, char outVal[NUM_WORDS][STRING_LEN])
    int i = 0;
    char *p = strtok(inVal, " ,/");
    strcpy(&outVal[i++][0], p);
    while (p)
        p = strtok(NULL, " ,/");
	if (p)
	    strcpy(&outVal[i++][0], p);
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