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By samuel02px2020
My school has been teaching me how to use the Sparkfun Redboard and it has been working fine. However, when I bought my own, it doesn't seem to work. My version is the Sparkfun Redboard 4.0. I got the correct serial port (/dev/cu.usbserial-DN04AB8O) and the correct board (Arduino/Genuino Uno) but when I click board info it still says BN: Unknown Board. I am getting the "programmer not responding" error message. My computer version is Mac OSX High Sierra.

After doing a little bit of digging on the internet, I saw something about the LED next to pin 13 blinking when you connect it. That doesn't seem to be the case for my Arduino. However, I don't really know what that means. Also, I emailed the Sparkfun technicians and they said that it might be because every board has different serial ports and I am using the same one as the one I used in school. Is that the issue and if so, how do i fix it? I have already manually installed the driver multiple times.

Please help me fix this issue as I really want to get started on my project.
By samuel02px2020
Yep. I unplugged it and the port disappeared and it reappeared when I plugged it back in. So the serial port is probably not the problem. I chose the Arduino/Genuino Uno as my board since I have a Redboard. Are there any more solutions?
By paulvha
The real difference is that you must install the FTDI Driver for the Redboard. (the Uno is using a ATmega16U4 for USB/serial conversion.) Otherwise it should work
By samuel02px2020
My LED 13 doesn't flash when I plug the Redboard in. Could that be the problem?

Btw I have tried to use it on both a PC and a Mac. They both had the same error message.
By paulvha
That is a Led connected to the serial Clock (SCK). One would expect that to be low /floating when not in use. Is your power led on ?
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