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By Catttdaddy
I purchased a CAN BUS Shield and originally was planning to use is with the UNO. I have now decided that I would like to use it with the Arduino Mega. I have interchanged other shields in the past and they have worked fine. When I try to use the CAN BUS Shield on the mega I can not read or right to the SD Card.
I have looked over the SparkFun_SD_Demo and I am confused on what I should do.
SparkFun_SD_Demo says :
* SD card attached to SPI bus as follows:
** MOSI - pin 11
** MISO - pin 12
** CLK - pin 13
** CS - pin 4
On the Ethernet Shield, CS is pin 4. Note that even if it's not
// used as the CS pin, the hardware CS pin (10 on most Arduino boards,
// 53 on the Mega) must be left as an output or the SD library
// functions will not work.
// Chip Select pin is tied to pin 9 on the SparkFun CAN-Bus Shield

I read this and wonder What pin is CS? 4,10, 53, or 9???
I assume this is where my problem is.

From what I have read, on the Mega the pins are as followed
Do I have to patch a line for each of these?
Should I patch a line from 9 on the CAN BUS Shield over to 53 on the mega?

Can someone explain the best way to do this?
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By darrellg
This is a common problem with shields that use SPI. Yes, you will need to patch those pins to the correct pins on the Mega.
By utesh1993
I am using Arduino Mega with CAN BUS shield and my connections are as follows
Leave pin 9(SS)without any connection
Also you have to change the pin configuration in defaults.h in the library folder for it work
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