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Hi All,

I have a Arduino Fio(without XBee) and a XBee USB Explorer. I managed to program a bootloader using a UNO onto the Fio using these instructions.

I now want to program a code through the serial interface using XBee Explorer (without XBee module). I am hoping to use the USB explorer's FTDI232RL as serial programmer. I am connecting DTR from Xplorer to DTR of Fio, DOUT of Xplorer(RX of 232) to TX of Fio, DIN of Xplorer(TX of 232) to RX of Fio and 3.3V and GND for power. I am programming using Arduino IDE using ArduinoISP as programmer for the duemilanove board using 328 board. I cant seem to get beyond the getsync() error. It is trying to program at 57600.

Has anyone tried this exact setup. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated?
Thanks a bunch