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By RogerInHAwaii
I need a really simple camera setup for an arduino. It just need to be able to take a quick color picture and store it in memory so that my sketch can access the individual pixels of the image, e.g. store it into a 2-dimensional array, so I can do some analysis of the image. I do NOT need to actually display the image or save it to a file.

The setups that I've seen explained and discussed on these and other forums seem to indicate long download times (several seconds at least), oriented mainly towards storing the images to files or sending them to a website rather than accessing the images for pixel-level processing, and require the god-awful, ENORMOUS, totally overkill OpenCV library.

I had previously set up a system like that with a Raspberry Pi but it was an enormous pain to get it all working. Just installing OpenCV took a week of trial and error, with numerous contradictory installation instructions all over the web. Plus, the Pi is totally overkill for what I need.

I just need something simple, and quick, both for setting it all up and for grabbing an image from the camera and getting it into an accessible form in memory.

Is there anything like that out there?