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By rajatsharma369007
i have some problem in robot while turning it right. i am using 2 pir sensor and 1 distance sensor. when the right pir is giving signals then the left motor is not responding and it moves only when left pir is also giving signals along with right.
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AF_DCMotor myMotor2(2);
AF_DCMotor myMotor1(1);       
int pirPin2 = 9;
int pirPin1 = 8;

byte motorSpeed = 0;
byte motorSpeedMax = 255;
byte motorSpeedMin = 0;

void setup(){
  pinMode(pirPin1, INPUT);
  pinMode(pirPin2, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(pirPin1, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(pirPin2, HIGH);
void loop(){
if(digitalRead(pirPin2) == HIGH){;
 if(digitalRead(pirPin1) == HIGH){;
 } else{