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By pighixxx
22/0/2013 UPDATE!
New Version 0.7x
Attention! The connection diagram has changed!


This is an Arduino porting of the excellent work by Markus Frejek.
The final aim is to create an economic component tester using Arduino and a few passive components;
I'm trying to make the system more scalable as possible, so you can view the output in Serial Terminal or alternatively via a I2C LCD.
I'm working on a shield which will also include the components for the Logic Analyzer (Another project of ABC). For my convenience i publish first SMD version  and then TH Version.

Logically all the updated files will be available at this first post.  :D

This is the basic design:


Files download.

Sketch 07f (27/07/2013)

In the coming days will be available the new gerber files and the new shield layout.
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By pighixxx

This is a preview. Testing a 100nf capacitor.

ArduTester features:
- Automatic detection of NPN and PNP bipolar transistors, N- and P-Channel MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, double diodes, Thyristors, Triacs, resistors and capacitors.
- Automatic detection of pin layout of the detected part.
- Measuring of current amplification factor and Base-Emitter threshold voltage of bipolar transistors.
- Detection of the protection diode of bipolar transistors and MOSFETs
- Measuring of the Gate threshold voltage and Gate capacity value of MOSFETs.

and much more!
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By pighixxx
A new version is out (0.6i)
Pushbutton now work.
Press button to start probing.
When a flag is showed in lcd a new information page is available!

If you don't use button remove this line: #define BUTTON_INST


Button connected to pin2 and gnd (internal pullup)
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By pighixxx
- Version 06o OnLine.

- SelfTest Function (short all probes and push button). Show debug info of ArduTester
- SelfAdjust (installed but not yet implemented)
- Minor bug fixes
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By pighixxx
I'm continuing the development of software that will interface with Ardutester.
I will not reveal all of the features it will have, will be a surprise.
A nice thing, which I think no one has ever implemented, it's the acquisition of data and access to a database of components.
I decided to extract a part (The transistor finder) and publish it:


This is an alpha version, only makes the transistor search. The final version will provide a lots of information of the transistor.
A small summary:

- Pin and case
- All relevant information (Polarity, UCB, Uce, EPO, Ft, Ic, CCtip, Pc, Material, Tj, Hfe)
- equivalent
- Finding and equivalent transistor for Euro, Americans, Russians and Japanese transistors
- Parametric search for any value
- Use of the transistor
- And more

- (Linux Version)
- (Mac Version)
- (Windows Version)
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By pighixxx
This is the latest version of Transistor Finder.
Will be the last in every sense because the next will be integrated into the ArduTester software.


- (Linux Version)
- (Mac Version)
- (Windows Version)

Few things:

- Advanced Search (The fields below are disabled, will allow the search from ... to ...)
- Other cases implemented
- On the parameter window of the transistor you can now click on the equivalent to display parameters of the same

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By pighixxx
I'm optimizing both the circuit and the software. I'm testing Ardutester on Arduino 2009, R2 and R3 and there are inconsistencies. I have already found the problem so within a couple of days I will post the new version. (PCB, firmware and client software).

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By pighixxx
Finally the new version!
The code has been completely rewritten.

Attention! The connection diagram has changed!, See first post.

- Inductance Measurement
- BJT functions fixed,
- Minor fixes
- MOSFETs function fixed
- Show Functions revisited
- I2C LCD Deprecated
- Deep debug  8)
- Button Function revisited
- PWM Tool
- Serial Menu
- AutoAdjust
- EEProm functions

- To enter the menu Long press
- To change the menu item short press
- Long press to confirm
- To exit the PWM menu double click

- When you start for first time Ardutester save in EEPROM default values​​;
- you should make an AutoAdjust then save to EEPROM.

Currently you can decide whether to enable the serial monitor as output (#define DEBUG_PRINT) or LCD (#define LCD_PRINT)

Attention! The connection diagram has changed!, See first post.
Work tested on Arduino R3!