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By Airith
The album with my process

Hook up everything according to the pictures above, for exact pin to pin use the info/diagrams below.

The holes on the back of the LilyT* are too small for the jumper wires, had to find some thin wire. Used some five strand copper wire, bent it apart, and then took... A long time getting them to stay connected. There's no room because the Attiny85 sits almost flush against the board.

  • 1. Remove the 10uF capacitor, we need to upload Files->Examples->ArduinoISP to the Arduino first.
    2. Select Tools->Board->Attiny85 (internal xMHz clock), where x is whatever you want (I believe it is defaulted to "1", and in order to use higher you have to Burn Bootloader, more info in the sources below)
    3. Tools->Programmer->Arduino as ISP
    4. Upload your sketch like you normally would.
I got this error: "avrdude: please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny85"
I believe you can ignore it.

Source for attaching Attinyxx to Arduino
Fritzing diagram and other info
By jrzamora
Up this topic!!!

Yesterday I received my lilitiny, and noticed how small that holes are. How did you manage the hold the copper wire in place? Just bending it? Or used any aditional "tool"?

@Sparkfun: What a bout that official guide to reprogramming Tiny/Twinkle? There are messages in the product page but no news since then. That holes are really small, so what was the intended tool to connect there?
By jrzamora
Need some live test, but wires from a network cable look feasible. Hope to test it for loading code before weekend arrives.

EDIT:Removed picture
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By jrzamora

Yes, it works!! And network cable is easy to get. As pointed before, getting stable connection is a test for your patience.


Definitely, getting some custom programmer is worth it. Pogopins fancy shield? Sharpened female Headers?
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