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By stevech
skimask wrote:
stevech wrote: I'd end up using 5 total SPI ports in addition to 6 USART, so obviously, one SPI would be hardware, but the rest would have to be bit-bang types.
Just checking - it's common to have one SPI port connect to multiple devices. They're selected with an I/O bit (chip select). Usually, you need a second SPI port only if you must have two concurrent transfers - somewhat unusual. (I'm assuming that the microprocessor is the SPI master).
By skimask
Yep, the MCU would be the master. In this project, on the SPI, I've got a TFT LCD, touch screen control, SD card logging, and a couple of F-RAMs. While I'm waiting for the SD card to write, I can dump to the LCD, grab the latest touch on the screen (if any), and dump any other logging data to the F-RAM for later dump to the SD card. Basically, trying to keep everything busy...