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By eMasterpierrot

For all of you who has a SpiUARTerminal which doesn't work :

ie : write "$$$" doesn't show any response.

In my case, it was the shield himself. Once i change the shield, it works. I spent 2 days at work to finally find this was the solution :?

(sorry for my poor english, i'm french)
By aminachev
good evening!
I have trouble,my wifly doesn`t connect to wifi and doesn`t save settings:
UART terminal:
Code: Select all
<2.32> scan

SCAN:Found 1
Num            SSID   Ch  RSSI   Sec    MAC Address	Suites
 1          PallasaWiFI 06 -37    Open 74:d0:2b:65:4d:74   WPS  104
join 1

Auto-Assoc 1 chan=0 mode=NONE FAILED
I tried everithing - I changed security, channels, SSID, routers, but it`s not connect, all the time I get Auto-Assoc 1 chan=0 mode=NONE FAILED.

Does someone got such issues, maybe i need to change module? (but it looks like working good)

Please, if someone have any idea - let me know.