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By fixyou
I want to make a color senser by using arduino. The model of arduino is arduino duenilanoveatmega328p-20puusbboard. The model of color senser is ADJD-S371-Q999, and the link is ... s371-q999/.
My cable connections are as following:
* SCL – the serial clock – is connected to a5 (analog input 5)
* SDA – the serial data line – is connected to a5 (analog input 4)
* SLEEP was tied to GND
* LED was connected to pin 2
* XCLK – the external clock was left floating.

I want to make a color senser which is stainable and able to sense colors as much as it can. I use the program of Arduino 0021 as my compiler on operation system Windows, the link is Can you teach me how to write the program?