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By Grimfox
I've got 2 arduino's and I don't have any serial ports to use, figured I could use an analog-out and analog-in to communicate between the two. The sampling rate on the analog-in is too fast to grab the average voltage instead it grabs the instantaneous voltage and that's really screwin up the reading. I'm getting a 1023 or 0. It's important that each processor be code light (why i'm using two in the first place).

So how can I create a more steady voltage on that node? I've tried a capacitor to remove the AC but there wasn't any effect.

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By itikhonov
You can probably switch off ADC and convert this pins to digital ones.
By coyote20000
Can you use NewSoftSerial?
Can you use (hardware) SPI?
If not, then how about creating a bit-bang SPI (Two lines) if you don't have access to the hardware SPI. Aka, [ ShiftOut() ] I think you would have to write your own [ ShiftIn() ].