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By BaDjinn
Hi Everyone,
i was wondering... what if?
What if i saw-off a 8" lcd screen from an "old" netbook, and wanted to use it with arduino? (Like a photo-frame or something like that...)
Let just say we use a simple 800x600 resolution, i need to find a controller that can handle such a large lattice... any suggestion? and can an arduino handle the job?
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By viskr
While you can interface anything to anything, I don't really think an Arduino is what you want to use.

First lets say 800x600 x 8bit color = 480000, 480KB

Where are you going to get all that data from in an Arduino (it has MUCH less memory)

Then you have to get it out of some bit banged port, so refresh times will be pretty SLOW.

Considering you can buy linux boards with a touch screen for under $200, that's the type of CPU and system you probably want to use.
By BaDjinn
I was hoping to remain closer to arduino, since it seamed simpler to program, but inside i was aware of its limits. Thanks for the hint. :mrgreen: