Programming trouble

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Programming trouble

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I've an arduino atmega328 breadboarded and have been using a USB-serial module (UM232R) to program it. Till this weekend I've been having wild success with it. Aside from displaying a bunch of programming gook to my serial LCD a couple times when I forgot to disconnect it. But now it won't program.

When I try to program it, it waits a little while and gives me a "out of sync" error something like, "expected 81 recieved 52"...forgot the exact numbers. Perusing the arduino site for troubleshooting I found how to do the verbose upload. So I went and did that so I could post the results and get feedback. Well it works! When using the verbose upload it programs the chip like there isn't a problem at all.

So I was curious what the difference is that allows verbose to work and standard uploading to not?

More importantly why might the chip and PC not be syncing up?

*to be clear I use programming and uploading interchangably. I tried to keep it pretty standard but in case I missed something.

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