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By Andy123
Found them yesterday at the local Microcenter (, mostly Arduino related stuff

It looks like offerings vary store to store - they had about 20 different items at the local Microcenter in Cleveland Ohio
Selection is less in their webstore - not sure is why and looks like vary from store to store - if you browse online make sure you select your local store.

Just one bad thing - Sparkfun shelf is not visible at all, they put it on the back of the bookstore - not too many people reading books today
Not sure why book store - may be Spakfun guys can work with Microcenter to make it more visible

It would be nice to have a wider local selection.
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By liudr
I think they're selling arduinos because they sell arduino books. I will not in a million years think that microcenter will carry arduinos just because they're popular among fans. I'll check out my local store next time I go. The old model of electronics hobby shop is very dead, at least in my town.