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By dadams409
I am trying to get started with the arduino uno on windows, but am getting stuck on step 4 from the website. I am running windows 7, and when I try to install drivers for the Arduino UNO I am having trouble. When I go to my device manager I am not finding ports(COM&LPT). Arduino UNO is listed under other devices, but when I try to browse for drivers I cannot get to ArduinoUNO.inf , only the folder FTDI USB drivers. When I select that folder (with or without "subfolders included" checked), I get the message "Windows could not find the driver software for your device". I have tried using the add hardware wizard through DOS to add the ports(com&lpt) with no success.
p.s. I have just downloaded the most recent software for windows. (arduino-0021)
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By leon_heller
You need the directory above the FTDI drivers, that is where the Uno driver is located; I had the same problem with a new Uno yesterday. They should have created a separate Uno directory.
By dadams409
"FTDI USB Drivers" is the only folder inside of the "Drivers" folder. The "mega" and "uno" .inf files are inside the "Drivers" folder, but when I go in the Device Manager -> Other Devices -> ArduinoUno. I then, right-click ArduinoUno -> Update Driver Software -> Browse my Computer for Driver Software -> \arduino-0021\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers -> Next -> "Windows could not find driver software for your device"
By dadams409
Got it. After countless hours I finally decided to put the .inf file inside of a new folder. then I was able to select that folder when installing drivers. Thanks for the help!