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By JacksonD
I'm a rookie Arduino user, and I want to make sure I'm getting all the necessary components for this project in the first go around.

The goal is to read in a voltage, transmit that reading wirelessly to a computer and then write it to serial.

If I'm using the ardiono fio, I need 2 Xbee antennaes and a USB Explorer Dongle to actually do the project, right?

Specifically, I was looking at these products. ... ts_id=9819 ... ts_id=8665

By JacksonD
I'm going to be using a 3.6 V battery so is the explorer board still necessary?

Thanks for your help.
By stevech
I'd recommend you ensure that you order XBee series 1, not 2. And decide if you need the higher transmit power of the XBee Pro.