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By Toddah
Here is a link to my first Arduino project. It is a foam based Halloween skeleton I used as a basis for this prop. I built the 3 axis neck assembly and attached 4 futaba servos to the assembly. Yaw, pitch and roll are all servo driven as well as the jaw movment.
I had hoped to have the jaw servo positioned by sampling the output of the Ladyada waveshield DAC and using that sample to generate jaw movement synced to the wave playing. :oops: Ran out of time and knowledge before Halloween :oops: . The program is very simple I use 3 random number generators to generate the yaw, pitch and roll servo positions within the confines of the natural looking physical limits of skull travel.
I am also using 2 blue LED's drilled into the eyes (red plastic beads) and driven from all on 100% bright to off using PWM output in a timer loop.