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By bussiere
Hello i would like to make a led blinking that depend on my heart rate and integrate it on a clothe with a lilypad
But i don't know which material to use :
nRF24AP1 and Nordic USB ANT Stick with a heart strap (do you have one to recommend ?)
Or RMCM01 or Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface (with wich heart strap ?).

And if you have any tutorial on this subject.

Regards and thanks
By fll-freak
The sensor for measuring your heartbeat will be the hardest challenge. Most sensors are not paticularly confortable. You either need to stick electrodes on your skin, put an IR sensor on a finger or earlobe, wear an unconfortable chest belt, or keep a microphone taped to your chest.

How long do you want this device to be confortable? How "intimite" with the sensor do you want to get? How accurate do you need the sensing?