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By Fenrix
Hello all,

I am new to Arduino projects and have made the leap to buy my first set up. I went with the mega 2560 because I liked the idea of having so many I/O ports and the larger memory.

The 1st project I am working on is designed to solve a 2 X 2 rubix cube. I am some what worried that I may run out of flash memory to store my program on the board. Can one of the SD ram card devices be used with the eeprog memory commands to run additional program lines (or is it really only useful to log more data)?

The two card readers I am looking at are: ... cts_id=544 ... cts_id=204

Thanks so much for your help!
By stevech
for storing large amounts of data, with somewhat slow access speeds, it's pretty easy to interface an SD card or micro-SD to themicroprocessor via the SPI interface. Then a FAT16 or FAT32 file system - available freeware.

But alas, no can do for program memory, to my knowledge. filling up 64KB or 128KB with code rather than in-flash constant data is a LOT of code-writing! If you're in that world, maybe you should be using an ARM7 or ARM Cortex M3 like the mbed. I've seen an Arduino-form-factor board using these ARM processors.