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By ryowens84
Excellent work! A few suggestions...

Since you're new, I don't know if you know about Arduino Shields. Basically they can be inserted directly on top of the Arduino to give access to different modules. SparkFun has a shield called the ArduMoto, which actually uses the L298. You might want to check it out, it will help clean out a lot of the wires which could end up coming out while driving: ... ts_id=9815

You can solder stackable headers onto the shield, too, so that more than one shield can be added: ... s_id=10007

These would allow you to put a proto shield on top of it all to connect to your camera and siren.

The only actual design change I think you should consider is just hacking your 360 controller to directly communicate with your bluetooth module so you can take the laptop out of the equation. Obiously you need the laptop if your using the camera, but if you want to just take the car out for a spin it might be cool not to need the laptop to 'translate.'

Great work though. What camera did you use and how hard was it to control?
By Howdog
I have the parts list for the project on the project page, here:

Here is the link to the camera,

The camera system is standalone. It is mounted to a pan and tilt servo system and powered off of the same battery as the Arduino. The camera isn't great, but the price was and it definitely suited the project.