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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By michael_o

In the absence of a response, I want like to share with you my problem.
For information, a have already try to contact SparkFun via PayPal and SparkFun contact form.

Tracking number : 419288817228

I would like know what happen with my traking statut. +1 week at same place, and I have not received any information for customs clearance.

I calling FedEx (France) a first time. FedEx ask a reference code beginning by "RE...." to have more details about tracking statut. FedEx asked me to ask SparkFun this reference code to have more details seemingly...

And after the second FedEx calling, it told me they do not have the proof of parcel picking, and ask me to ask SparkFun to contact USA FedEx...
"The tracking number statut can be false." (quote by FedEx)

Best regards,