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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By gimpo

it's just me, or somebody else is having troubles for orders shipped oversea???
I bought 10 Pro Mini on 3th April and I'm still waiting for them. I've sent two emails to customerservice@sparkfun.com but no answer, just silence.

I'm living in Germany and I have no idea how to ask my money back. :(

Giulio Buccini (Munich)
By gimpo

after 9 days Sparkfun finally responded to my first email.
They can send me the items again but I have to pay an express delivery with UPS or FedEx... :(

Here in Germany a vendor missing a delivery usually:
1. apologize
2. ships the items again with a different courier with no additional costs for the customer

I have asked to have my money back. We will see what happens...
By gimpo

Yesterday Sparkfun has refunded me 100% of the money for my order. :dance:

For the future I suggest to never use the american postal service for international shipping.
For comparison, I have received many parcels from China (!) in less than 25 days with zero problems, and a tracking number too!
The delivery costs was about 7-8 dollars, american costs are more than the double while the quality of service is miserable...

No more USPS! :x