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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By saccade
I also posted this as a blog comment, but I thought I'd try here as well:

I selected some small parts on the year end sale that looked like a good deal. They’re small, maybe a few ounces worth, and the order total was $6.65

Now I need to ship them, and the cheapest you can do is UPS for $13??

Ouch. I’m sure you could stick these in a bubble envelope (your cost ~= $1) and ship it USPS for a few dollars.

Sparkfun is not selling auto-body parts or lawn care equipment. You’re selling electronic parts, and most of them are tiny and light.

Why is it you’re charging $13 to send a few small parts from Colorado to California, and the dudes on Ebay can ship a circuit board to me from China for $3. This makes no sense.
By CaseyD-SFE

The software dev team and I have been poking at this issue since yesterday. We have found that the LED pack in your cart is causing the shipping cost to jump, and we don't know why. I'm so sorry for this issue!

Can you please place your order using payment method "Offline Payment" and then private message me with your order number? This payment method allows you to place the order on our site without having to pre-pay.

Thanks :)

By saccade
Hi Casey,
I sent the PM (at least I think I did...the forum shows it in my "Outbox", but not the "Sent" folder?). I also sent a message to Shay @ cservice with the order ID.

By CaseyD-SFE

I received your PM, thanks a bunch for sending the order number. I am going to continue to reply to you through the email you sent to the CS team. :)
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