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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By spil778
So I've been surfing around on your site and finally decided to buy something here. First of all it took it 3 weeks (25 days) to change it to "New order" and now it's on "BO Arrived" and I sit here wondering what BO means. As may be clear of the english skills; English is not my native landague and I am very exiceted and was just wondering for futhere reference o: !

Best regards Nicki/Zanaj
By CS Paul
BO is short for Back Order. It means the parts that were originally backordered have now arrived, and we just need to make sure everything is in order before releasing it for shipment. Assuming no hiccups, your order should progress to a Shipped status within a couple days of hitting BO Arrived.

Further questions? Feel free to email Customer Service.