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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By KeithB
For the last two times now, I have asked for USPS shipping, It isn't that far from Boulder to Albuquerque 8^).

However, it seems to take several days for it to flip from new order to shipped, does your system automatically delay USPS orders to give priority to guaranteed-delivery-times orders?

I ordered my latest order on Monday, so it wasn't a weekend thing.
By fll-freak
I think shipping times for USPS have a lot to do with their routing of packages. I live in Nashua New Hampshire and seem to have a direct connection to Sparkfun. If I order early in the day, I can expect to see it not the following day, but the day after. And yet I can put a letter in the mail to my mother in Maine and have it take a week. It may be that USPS has changed the routing for that city interconnect.
By CS Paul
We have been a little behind on the USPS First Class packages. Any time we have a long weekend, most recently because of inventory day, it puts Shipping back. And yes, we do give some priority to the FedEx and Ground options, as those are included in in our Same-Day Shipping guarantee. The First Class and Economy options aren't because we simply can't get every order out within 24 hours, but they are usually out within 1-2 days. We intend for them to all be out in 3 days, but again, sometimes we get behind and it takes longer.

So, very sorry for the delay. You can always call and ask us to bump an order up for you.
By KeithB
No Problem.

I was spoiled with such good service when I *wasn't* using USPS, that my expectations were too high.

After all, you get what you pay for!

I now have my USPS expectations calibrated, thanks for the answer! If I want it faster, I will use a faster shipping method...duh.
By lewma
Looks like USPS shipping is still slow compared to usual ? Anything wrong ? My order placed 2 days ago is still in "New Order" status. Sparkfun is generally a good place to order from with good turnaround time but not lately ?
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By Ross Robotics
I ordered about a week ago and must say that Sparkfun shipped it quite quickly. It was out the door within 48 hours and USPS delivered it in about 3 days.
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By Edward Ronald
I never got any complaint against USPS Orders. I am attached with the service from 2 years and got good response with timely shipment deliveries.