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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By jeyes56
Hi sparkfun group,

I would like to order a product from you, but first of all, i would like to ask if you can deliver the product to philippines? if it is possible, how long should it take for the product to be delivered? also, how can you assure that the product is not damaged if i received it, or lost?

Hoping for any reply,
By CS Paul
We do ship to the Philippines. You can choose it from the list of countries when entering your address.

Shipping speed will depend on the option you choose. FedEx and UPS options will be fully insured, so if there is any damage, we will replace at no charge. Please make sure you are familiar with the duties and taxes for your region, as you will most likely be required to pay them before you are able to receive your package.

Any further questions? Reply here or email directly.
By jeyes56
thank you for your reply,

i just want to have an idea how long should i wait to receive the product,is it around 1 week? 1 month? how long should it be for your fastest delivery and slowest delivery, and what option are those,

also, how long should it take for USPS First-Class Mail International Package for me to receive?
By CS Paul
The fastest options, FedEx International Priority and UPS Worldwide Express Saver, say they'll have it to you in 1-3 days. The slowest is First Class Mail International, which is often 2-3 weeks, but takes 4 or more sometimes, and is not insured in case the package is damaged or lost.

Times for any international shipping can be delayed further if Customs decides they want to hold it for any reason.
By jeyes56
Thank you for your reply,

i guess i will need to use FedEx or UPS for expensive products, maybe i will use First Class Mail for those cheaper products,

is there a huge report about the First Class Mail International delivery lost a product or damage it during the delivery?

by the way, is there any way that i can check the status of my requested product?