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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By bidon
Hi all

I want to buy some stuff and ship them with FedEx. One i came in to checkout section, Page shows 3 options for shipping international (As shown on image).

I couldn't figured out what should i do if want to use the FedEx option. Do i have to own an FedEx account for shipping? If i dont how can i chose the FedEx option? Because its looks like if i dont give a FedEx account ID on checkout section it will be automatically chosen as USPS. Im really confused. I've called my local FedEx agency and they said that i cant have a FedEx account individually, I have to be own my company.

The thing is I have sent 2-3 mails to sparkfun customer services and shipping management or something. Even tried the feedback on webpage. I couldn't get any answer from any of them. I wonder what would it be if had a real trouble about these issues? I cant get any answers from them. I would live hard times....

By bidon
problem solved

For who had tha same problem in future;

-Check your postal code

-Check your adress try to write without special characters ( / * - : )