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Basrah IZ

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:19 am
by thebecwar
Today was a real treat. The mail came, and I saw a little red box sitting in my pile. All told 9 days from ordering to the box showing up here in sunny Basrah Iraq. I only am counting that as 8 days since USPS doesn't pick up on Sunday. The box I ordered from Mouser took the same amount of time. I realize that you had little to do with the actual arrival date (APO can be a slow way to send anything), but it was nice to see that my order was packed and shipped quickly.

All told I'm impressed. The fact that a small company like SFE took the same amount of time to get a package here as a giant like Mouser speaks volumes for the quality of your shipping department. Thank you. I will be a repeat customer.