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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By WanaGo
Have made a few purchases now.
Ususally takes 5 days from Sparkfun to New Zealand to my doorstep, which is pretty damn good in my opinion. That is using the FedEx option.

Using USPS from memory with my first order, took about 10 days or so, so again very good.

No complaints at all with shipping times.
By SFE-Mike
That's great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

The last time I went to New Zealand (can't wait to get back), it felt like it took me five days. :mrgreen:

Hei konei ra, -Mike Grusin
SparkFun Tech Support
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By xjet
Yep, FedEx gets things to my door in 5 working days from SFE -- three days of that is getting from the airport to my home here in NZ, our couriers are worse than useless.

And I can't speak highly enough of SFE's customer support.

My last order was supposed to have included two rolls of desoldering wick but only one was actually included.

No problems I thought, it's only $2.50 worth so I'll just ask them if they can add it to my next order.

Hell no -- they can't do that -- they actually sent out the missing roll the very next day -- and paid the postage.

That's unbelievable service and I'm greatly impressed. I guess that's why so many people buy from SFE and keep coming back for more.

Thanks guys!


Wow, the FedEx man came today with my missing roll of desoldering wick. Can you believe it? SFE didn't just "pop it in the post" they couriered the $2.49 roll of wick to me.

WICK-ed! :mrgreen:
By laura
Oh wow that's pretty fast. How much did shipping cost all up though?
I'm curious as I'm thinking about buying from SF although shipping cost is my make or break.
By xjet
It was pretty reasonable -- US$20-something from memory. I usually use EMS but I think FedEx was cheaper.
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