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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By The_Todd
I'm making a development board where I would like to stack boards that I make in different modules...

I've been looking for PC104 connectors but can't seem to find any at a reasonable price on sites like digikey / arrow etc.

Is there any affordable (<$4) stacking board connectors out there?

By chrisjp
I was prototyping a board which never actually got made and the cheapest I could find was at mouser for ~9 bucks. I don't the have the part # handy, but I can look through my email if you can't find it.
By The_Todd
You're right, $9 for non-stackthrough, $12 for stackthrough - I don't really feel like bending over - why are these big .1" headers so expensive?

I don't need specifically PC104, just want to stack my boards with a bus between them.

Is there any alternative stacking connectors that are cheaper?

SparkFun - How about hooking us up with some uber-cheap PC104 connectors!

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