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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By plugment
I want to prototype a flexible pcb for an adxl-330 based tilt sensor and use the reflow skillet technique. I was thinking of a flexible pcb with a stiffened section for the chip and then a flexible strip for all the connections to a motherboard.
Has anyone had experience with flexible pcbs in the skillet?
Also what about tips on connectors for the flexible pcb to motherbaord connection?


By jasonharper
I've never tried it myself, but it seems like this should work - the only problem I foresee is in getting the flex PCB into the skillet after placing the components without flexing it (which would probably pull the components out of position). Perhaps you could have the flex PCB on top of a scrap of regular PCB throughout the process?

As for connecting to a motherboard, take a look at FFC/FPC connectors.