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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By BrandonChristel
I'm workin on a project that required me to make some parts. It uses 4 parts that we had to make libraries for. 2 of them looked fine in the board view, and 2 of them didn't show any yellow lines connecting any of them. I then monkeyed with the library file and got one to connect, but one of them still doesn't work. Has any one had a similar experience and know what to look for? I just wasted 2 hours changing the pin placement on the part view.

Thanks for the help!
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By leon_heller
What PCB package?

By BrandonChristel
Woah, sorry guys.
I'm workin in eagle, and followed the tutorial on here pretty closely, yet I still cant' figure it out.
By trialex
Not saying this is your problem, but I had this issue heaps when starting out, and it's easy to diagnose.

Did you try (in schematic view) moving your component around? if the green nets don't move with it, the solution is simple, you just need to redo your nets, making sure they connect this time.

This often happens with a custom component, especially if the pins aren't on the same grid spacing as the schematic. If they are a little bit different, your net might have snapped to a grid point rather than the pin. Try changing the grid in the schematic to the same as the grid size for the part.

Then again it might be something totally different!
By BrandonChristel
that was it. I guess someone had been editing the part in metric, so even though it looked like it was close enough, sure enough it wasn't connecting. When I found out the pin placement didn't really matter, as long as they were connected to the right hole on the board it worked. YAY.

Thanks for the help guys. Makes me appreciate Sparkfun even more.
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