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By artelse
Just a simple question. When I try to hot air remove an IC from a PCB, what temperature setting would be appropriate? Solder melts around 230C or so, but when I use say 250C air temp, it takes ages and won't melt the solder.

By using a much higher setting, 300+C, I can get the part off, but what temp are people using here? What is ideal without toasting the component and/or board?

It could also be the hot air temp displayed on the Aoyue is not accurate and possibly just the temp of the gun element.

Thanks for sharing.

By Philba
Do you set your soldering iron tip temperature to 230? No, typically, 600F+ is what one needs.

Hot air temperature is similar. I tune my temperature and flow rate to take around 2-3 seconds to melt the solder. Of course, it depends on which nozzle you are using. I use a skinny little tube one and try to keep the flow pretty low since it can [edit: er, can't) blow the small chips right off the board.
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By artelse
600F is ~315C as what worked for me.

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