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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By busonerd
We do tons of boards using that device with 2 layers. The routing strategy we generally use is to have the back side as a ground plane, running as many traces on the top as possible and routing on the back only when necessary.


--David Carne
By pcbChallenged
8) Thanks Peter and David ... I will be trying to do the layout very soon. David... I was wondering about doing that, but scared to ask in case it was a stupid question. I was thinking that if I could do all the signal routing on the top side and then just do power and ground routing on the bottom layer? Or should I just use the bottom layer for the ground routing? Unfortunately I have to devote some time to studying for an electromagnetic fields midterm (coming up Monday :shock: ). I wish I could devote all of my time to the project... but I'm going to have to leave it alone for a couple days. :? It has been a huge learning process, but a lot of fun at the same time. Again thanks for the help and suggestions.

Pam 8)
By funnynypd
Flux is the trick to do hand soldering.
A good soldering gun does help.
Board cleaning is important for long-term durability.
2 layer PCB is good, 4 layer is expensive and good.
Soldering 0805 and 0603 are not hard, they are small in size and easy to handle.
Once you get used to the SMD parts. You won't want to go back to through-hole parts if it isnot a MUST.
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