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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By b_w_
Hi all. Ive been using the PICAXE micros for awhile now and was drawing up a new project to make use of the new 14M (can we say 4 hardware PWMs for 4$?!) and needed a new part library. There have been some libraries that cover some parts but not in one conclusive whole. That and the new line with the 14M, 28x1 & 40x1 are all pretty exciting.

I figure someone else out there may like to have this library too and I wasnt sure where else to put it so here it is. Ive tried to make it as accurate as possible and keep them to a similar layout and style between the various packages. Hope this helps.


(Guess I should mention this is an EAGLE library!)
By jasonharper
b_w_ wrote:(can we say 4 hardware PWMs for 4$?!)
No, we can't. It has one PWM module with four outputs, that can't be independently controlled. The best you can do is two pins outputting complementary waveforms at the same time.