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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By Katerina
I am currently doing my first PCB design and I'm trying to figure out how to use the parts which are available from the libraries in Eagle and how to find real parts which I can buy (in EU) that are compatible with the ones I used. Here's a photo of a connector which I used from the con-hirschmann library and a link of a connector socket I think might be okay for use: ... fSjg%3d%3d
Here's the part from Eagle in comparison to the one above. ... 3J1aObEVPB
Let me know if this choice is okay, and if not what procedure should I follow when choosing parts.

Also I'm not really sure what the PE pin stands for in the round DIN connectors. It's supposed to be Protective element, but it keeps showing an error that there is no power supply attached to it. ... 2WhjA6d0eA

I also need to connect the signals with an A/D converter card (which I already have). I use the 68 pin connector for transfering the signals to the A/D converter, but since connecting with the A/D card is done by plugging in wires maybe it will be better to use screw terminals. What option is better for mechanical stability?

I look forward to some advice from the more experienced designers.