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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By Jefff
Hello, hoping for a little help with a problem I have. I need to split an analog 0-5v signal from a potentiometer to share the signal with another device. If I simply splice the connection it pulls down the circuit by over 1v which causes one of the devices to operate incorrectly.

The input is 5v to the potentiometer, the operating range is .50v - 4.25v. If i place an ohm meter on the the wire for the second signal I get 4400k.

I'm assuming I need some kind of powered circuit to solve this problem but I'm unsure where to start, this stuff is not my strong point.

Thanks, Jeff
By jremington
That is the usual approach. You will need a rail-to-rail op amp, or a separate (possibly bipolar) power supply that allows a less capable op amp to cover the entire 0-5V range.