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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By minifan
I downloaded and installed the freeware version (7.1) in late '16 but never did much with it. Getting back into it now and learned that: 1) version 7.7 is the latest/last 7.x version, and 2) Cadsoft now Autodesk has gone to a subscription model. For my limited purposes, the freeware version is fine. But I am not sure whether its worth downloading the 8.x freeware version or sticking with and installing 7.7 to replace my 7.1. Also, I am a bit surprised I haven't seen anything here about the Eagle subscription model change. A moot point though, since the $$ are too steep for me.
Any recommendations 7.x vs. 8 for an Eagle newbie?
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By darrellg
You can have both installed at the same time. If you're just using the free version, the change to a subscription model doesn't really have an effect on you. It's been discussed endlessly on other fora.