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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By Eric_Amsterdam
Hi guys,

Ok, I admit it - i'm an artist not an electonics expert! I'm looking for some advice on a new project I'm making - its basically a group of parallel wired LEDs in the form of domino pieces, running off a usb powered either wall plug converter/ battery bank via a resistor to drop from 5v to 3v ish. The circuit would be very easy to just solder into a standard board, but i have access to a CNC milling machine and so would like to create a nice design for the pcb leaving as much copper on the board as possible as it looks so cool!

So my question is, do you know of a software i can use to get this sort of look (it would need to be quite a flexible software i think) and do you have any other tips for me?!

Thanks guys

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By Ross Robotics
Are you talking about just milling your own pcb? Your machine needs to be pretty precise, but there are videos all over the net about using a cnc machine for pcbs. Pretty much every pcb cad software will export different file types based on your needs. Just need to search what file types are excepted in your machine.