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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By gussabina

I'm using Eagle. I was having an issue with my PCBs when assembling them, where the holes (no trace, just holes for screws) are having solder paste... Checking the stencil, the holes are there. I realized when generating gerbers, the top and bottom solder paste files are configured to include not only the corresponding cream layer but also the Dimension (20) layer, which actually holds the holes.
Checking other configurations and tutorials, this seems to be Ok. So I'm wondering if actually the holes shouldn't be in the Dimension layer or what else would be wrong....
I would appreciate any help on this.

By mattylad
I cannot help you with how to do this in Eagle (I know how to do it in CADSTAR) however if they are all simply round pads then simply add the comment "all round pads to be removed" into the instructions to your screen supplier.

They are used to removing round pads as long as they have an instruction to do it.